Jasper by Tony Riches

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I received the copy of the book in exchange
for a review.


Jasper is a continuation of Riches’ Tudor Trilogy and continues the tale through the son of the main character of the first book, Owen Tudor. As the first book, the second one is a page-turner that you cannot put down until you’ve finished it. It tells us about the life of Jasper Tudor, the uncle to Henry, then not yet the King of England.

Most of the story is about the struggle for power between the Yorkists and Lancastrians and all the intrigue that comes with it. Jasper is a lucky man, despite the fact that he is, quite a few times, troubled by the fact that he has occasionally only survived because he ran away from the battle. But if he did not, who would protect his nephew Henry, who was ‘imprisoned’ by the Yorkists. Henry appears in the second half of the story when he rides with his uncle to France and later to Wales and England.

The first half is Jasper’s battles and the consequences for his support of the Lancastrians, his half-brother and half-brother’s wife, Queen Margaret with whom he seems to get on really well. He is her emissary to France and one of her main supporters. He also cares for Henry and returns to Scotland to take care of Henry. Jasper also falls for a woman from Ireland but it does not turn out how he would have wished.

In the Author’s Note, Riches tells us that the Irish woman and her countryman who was a servant to Jasper were made up. All the characters, however, are real and made me feel like I am actually with them in the times, as the battles, the thoughts, the consequences and also homesickness were written so vividly that it really transports the reader in what is to become Tudor England.

The ending of the book is very interesting, ending with the Battle of Bosworth Field, the outcome of which is known to everyone.

It is a very interesting book and I cannot wait to start reading the next one, to see what Henry is up to after becoming the King of England.


4 thoughts on “Jasper by Tony Riches”

  1. I’ve wanted to read the books about Owen and Jasper Tudor for a while now, and as soon as I have time I will do so! They’re on my reading list, which I get through very slowly. I’m from Lancashire – traditionally known as the home of Lancastrians, although that term isn’t strictly correct for Lancashire people – and my husband is a Yorkshireman. So you see, the Wars of the Roses are ongoing in our house! A great review Katie, although I’m not sure what 6 stars means. 😀


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