Tinderella by Zoe Jones

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tinderellaI got the copy from the author.

Okay, to be honest, books like Tinderella are not something that I usually read. I started reading it because of another review which made it sound really interesting. I was a bit worried that I would not like it, but then I figured out there was no need to be worried.

Tinderella is an easy book to read, funny and charming. It does talk a lot about the reality of dating – but that can already be discerned from the title. However, this reality is sometimes hidden in the humour and it is expressed directly only a couple of times. As someone who also tried to get some dates online, I can understand the issues that Sophia has. Not everyone meets the perfect (or perfectly imperfect) partner soon or easily. It is just the truth of today’s world. I loved when Sophia says: “these days, you’re more likely to find lust at first swipe than love at first sight.”

I liked the easy friendship that Sophia and Kate have, as well as Sophia and Lyn’s. As in many such books, it is obvious that the love interest that takes up most of the story will not be ‘the one’ at the end, but here it was even more obvious as Sophia and her ‘perfect man’ had nothing in common. I expected the ending of the relationship and I basically guessed how it would happen.

Now, this does not mean I did not like the story. It even took me by surprise at the end. I did expect Sophia to end up with one of the men whom she knew before, but my guess about who it is was wrong.

The only complaint that I have was the fact that the file I got was in pdf format and I had some troubles reading it as the font was too small.

I would recommend the book to anyone who needs a little bit of a break from drama, more demanding books, or just everyday life. It is an adorable summer read and I enjoyed it a lot.


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