Book of Fire by Michelle Kenney

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I got the copy of the book on Netgalley.

Michelle Kenney’s debut novel Book of Fire is a great example of Young Adult fiction.

After I started reading the novel, I accidentally went on the news and well, the book started to sound as something that may happen. Anyway, it is happening after the catastrophe that devastated the world and divided it into Insiders and Outsiders. While the Outsiders live more or less in harmony with nature, the Insiders are toying with genetic modification.

The protagonist is a lively teenager, Talia who is given the most important book of her people, the book that contains many secrets if they ever manage to decipher it. When a raid happens, and her people are threatened (together with her grandfather, brother, and best friend), she decides to save them. That, however, means getting into the Domes where the Rome-imitating Insiders live. It is a world unknown to her and she needs a lot of help to navigate it. The help manifests in Insider Augustus, whose loyalties are never certain. With his help and some other people (and a Cyclops), she manages to uproot what was normal in the domes.

It is a compelling story, with some romantic subplot (but not too much), and a lot of interesting events and twists. I found the end a bit anti-climactic, but the epilogue was nice.  I hope there will be a continuation of the story as I really want to know what else will happen.


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