The Wardrobe Mistress by Meghan Masterson

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9_6_covers2I got the copy of the book on Netgalley in exchange for a review.

The Wardrobe Mistress is a story about a bloody French Revolution. However, it is far from usual story, talking about the conflict of a woman between loyalty to her employer and her sovereign and his wife, and to the revolution that is supposed to bring equality to France.

When I was in school, we were told that Marie Antoinette was the one that said, “Let them eat cake.” When I was older though, I figured out that was taken from somewhere else and put in her mouth. However, I never imagined her as a person who suffered, even though she had so much wealth. The book shows how the Revolution affected her and shows that she was aware of what people went through.

We are told about Marie Antoinette by one of her servants, Giselle. As I mentioned before, she is torn between supporting the revolution and supporting Marie Antoinette. She spies on her Queen for her uncle and yet continues to try to comfort the Queen when seeing how the events happening trouble her. Robespierre and some other prominent revolutionaries are also present in the story, especially near the ending, when the events turn out tragically for the King and Queen.

Giselle and her lover/fiancée are torn apart when she hides secret about her involvement in the escape plan of the royal family. The romance plot is always submissive to the historical developments and it is a nice addition that shows how the revolution affected even normal people, not just the top revolutionaries and nobles.


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