Warcross by Marie Lu

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warcross.jpgI have seen such great reviews of Warcross that when I saw it in a bookshop, I HAD TO buy it. I mean, all the good reviews, and the cover is absolutely AMAZING!

The story represents both poverty and struggling that comes with it, and opulent wealth after successful breakthrough. Personally, I LOVED Emika’s character. She struggles in life and yet she somehow deals with it. The incident described inside, when she stands up for her almost-friend got me!

To be honest, I could predict the end a bit, or at least had a guess in the general direction of it, and yet it still made me gasp when the reveal happened! This does not happen often anymore, me gasping loudly at the plot-twist.

I loved that the players are from different parts of the world, as well as that there are POCs and a disabled character (at least in ACTUAL REALITY). I also loved how most of the story is not happening in the US, because as a non-US based reader, I am sometimes exasperated about how many books happen there!

The world felt very realistic and I lost myself in the book, which is always a sign of a great book. I know I say that the book is impossible to put down quite a lot, but this one was an extreme example, where I really could not put it down for more than a five minutes and read it in basically one sitting.

For all these reasons, I cannot wait for the sequel, to follow the characters and see what happens next!


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