180 Seconds by Jessica Park

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

180 second.jpgThis book was recommended to me by a list of books about mental health. So maybe I have expected too much from the book in advance.

It is a sweet story, most of the time, about love, loss and complex past. However, even though Allison had a difficult past, and has trust issues, she comes to trust Esben far too easily. I get the concept that in 180 seconds of silence and intense eye contact one may learn a lot about a person and connect with them, but it felt very exaggerated.

What I liked a lot was Steffi’s storyline and her friendship with Allison. It felt realistic and I really rooted for them to stay friends. The plot twist had left me in tears, but it was the only thing that really surprised me.

However, the main reason I gave this book just three stars is that Allison’s distrust after being bounced from family to family for sixteen years and that she is battling anxiety at the beginning of the book, it all pretty much disappears when she falls in love. This is what bothers me the most about books, the concept that love can make everything better in an instant.


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