Warrior of Woden by Matthew Harffy

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

warrior of wodenOh, what can I say? Another great book by one of my favourite historical fiction authors, Matthew Harffy. This time I took a while to read the book as I had many other books to read as well, but it doesn’t mean it is not at least as good as the previous ones.

This book is so heartbreaking. I felt so sorry for Beobrand. He goes from quite okay to so heartbreaking in the end. It actually almost made me cry. Oswald might think Beobrand is lucky, but to any reader (and to Beobrand), it does not feel so. He keeps losing his friends, his family, his loved ones…It just never ends.

He worries that the curse mentioned in the previous books is upon him. He, as it is obvious from the title, he keeps to the ‘old’ gods, Woden, Thunor, even when the world is moving towards the ‘new’, Christian god. He wonders who has the power now.

He also does not have luck with his lords. The life of a king was difficult in the era, and Oswald is no exception. Leading his men to battle against Penda… From the other books happening in the same times as this one, I have known what to expect, what was going to happen. But Harffy makes it seem so real, and even the fact that I knew how it must all end, I felt everything. Historical books have most of their ‘spoilers’ revealed already, as they must at least try to stick to major events, but the true writers will make you feel it again, despite being prepared for what is to happen.

All in all, this is a great book and if you like historical fiction, you should read it…but only after you read the previous books first 🙂 And you will not be sorry, as Harffy is one of the best historical fiction authors I have read 🙂


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