Review Policy and Contact


Thank you for visiting my blog.

I love to read and review books and having the chance to find good new or underappreciated books.

Now first things first, I must say that the format of the book is not a problem for me. Well, the print copy might be an issue as I am based in Slovenia. I have a Kindle, and I don’t mind listening to audiobooks either. Sometimes, that is even better, especially to listen to during my commute.

Usually I am quick to read and review a book. However, currently I have quite a few books lined up, so if you ask me to read and review your book it may take a bit longer than usual. Real life problems sometimes intervene, as we all know.

I post reviews on this blog, on Goodreads, and on Amazon if asked. I generally post the review on Goodreads as soon as I finish writing it, but sometimes it may take a bit longer. And concerning Amazon, as I said, please remind me?

I am not really picky about genres, but I do not read chick-flicks generally, and horror stories, as well as spiritual books. Otherwise, most forms of fiction are okay. With non-fiction I prefer mostly historical books. And please, if you contact me to review your book, please use grammar? If I get a request that is full of typoes and grammar mistakes, I probably will not review it.

In general I publish the reviews of books I’ve liked, but sometimes I may post a review of a book I did not enjoy. To be honest, that may depend on the book, but I do not enjoy writing bad reviews.

The rating system may seem arbitrary sometimes but it is how I do this. I think that as I evolve as a blogger, I may get stricter with stars, yet enjoy a book as much or more as I did one that I have reviewed a year or two ago. It’s just a part of a process!

So if you want me to review your book, please just get in touch! My email is katiejudgesbooks (at) gmail (dot) com


Oh, and by the way, DO NOT start your email with comments about my name. As far as online identity is concerned, my name is Katie and well…I do not like people saying ‘Slovenian person whose name certainly is not Katie’. It was memorable, but not in a nice way.